Mechanical Engineering

Fred Gessner - Emeritus Professor

Purdue University (PhD 1964)
Energy and Fluids


ME 333: Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
ME 433: Turbomachinery
ME 533: Advanced Fluid Mechanics I
ME 534: Advanced Fluid Mechanics II

Contact Information

Phone: 206-543-5046
Fax: 206-685-8047


Professor Gessner has completed several research projects which involve the development of advanced hot-wire techniques for making measurements in complex, three- dimensional flows and with the application of these techniques to a variety of internal flows. Both analog and digital-type methods of signal analysis were applied to extract information on the local mean flow and turbulence structure. The flows which have been investigated include incompressible flow within a circular-to rectangular transition duct, incompressible flow along a confined wing-body junction, and incompressible coaxial jet flow with swirl along a centerbody.

Another study was concerned with experimental and numerical analysis of supersonic flow about a strut-endwall configuration. In all of these flows the local flow structure is dominated by the presence of vortices in the flow, either in the form of periodically shed vortices or vortices induced by local flow separation or pressure gradients in the flow. Some numerical work was also done which is oriented toward the development of a turbulence model for streamwise corner flows.